AJA Statement on the Whip


AJA Statement on the Whip

With horse welfare clearly front of mind, the issue of the whip has resurfaced over the last couple of days.

The AJA’s position is as follows:

  • We support it is a vital piece of equipment for any horse rider with regards to safety.
  • We support the current Racing Australia rules in relation to its use in races and trackwork.
  • We support the stewards’ interpretation of the rules relating to its use.
  • We note the number of overall breaches of the rule, compared to the number of overall starters, is incredibly small.
  • “Serious” breaches of the rule are extremely rare.
  • We believe the rules, as they are, achieve the correct balance between assuring horse welfare while retaining competitive racing.

The AJA does not believe anything is to be gained by entering the current media debate regarding this issue.

Racing Australia is the body responsible for the Rule of Racing, and they would engage with us before variations to the current rules are entertained.

Martin Talty

Chief Executive Officer