Vision Statement

To develop the most professional jockey membership organisation across Australia that serves the needs of the jockeys and the thoroughbred racing industry to world’s best practice standards.

Mission Statement

To develop a professional membership organisation that makes a significant contribution to the thoroughbred racing industry, as a key stakeholder and participant.

Value Proposition

To support the jockey membership over their complete lifecycle from Apprenticeship to retirement, whether this is a cogent decision or one taken as a result of a career ending illness or injury, in such a way that they may provide the maximum contribution to the racing industry by delivering their full potential, whilst gaining the optimum rewards from the industry as a valued participant in a professional, secure and safe, and progressive manner.


  • To raise the profile of Jockeys as elite professional athletes.
  • Promote safety, industrial health and education.
  • Negotiate for and develop Australia wide protection, including;
    • Insurance, particularly Public Liability,
    • Superannuation, and a
    • Retirement Fund.
  • Review the remuneration to jockeys in relation to riding fees, trials’ fees, etc.
  • Address Health and Safety and Welfare issues.
  • Maintain a high level of liability insurance but explore avenues to decrease the expenditure of jockeys.
  • Promote and support the National Jockeys Trust.
  • Support the National Jockeys Celebration Day.
  • Promote and protect the rights and welfare of Jockeys.
  • Promote and protect the interests and activities of Jockeys and assist them in attaining short term and long term life objectives.
  • Maximise the collective representation of Jockeys.
  • Secure for Jockeys a contractual and proprietary interest in, and the right to use their name, biography, signature, voice, photograph, image, reputation, identity, likeness (Image) and performance.
  • Where required, act as a collecting society for Jockeys in respect of the use and exploitation of their Image and performance
  • Lobby governments and parliaments to repeal any law which discriminates against or fails to adequately protect sportspersons in general or Jockeys in particular and to replace that law with a protective law which does not discriminate.
  • Defeat any action to reduce or compromise the rights and welfare of Jockeys.
  • Uphold and protect the autonomy and independence of the Jockeys’ Association.
  • Promote and foster goodwill and good citizenship generally and particularly amongst Jockeys.
  • Promote the prosperity and welfare of the Racing Industry.
  • Promote a national focus for the Thoroughbred Racing Industry and the complementary industry infrastructure to lead and manage it.

Code of Conduct

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