Health & Wellbeing

Sports Psychologist

The AJA, together with the principal racing authorities, employs a sports psychologist in each state for the benefit of all jockeys past and present.

This free service is strictly confidential and neither the aja or pra’s are told of the jockeys that visit.

The confidentiality is important to the success of this service.

If you are going through a rough time ( financially, relationships, family, career etc) please pick up the phone and contact the sports pyschologist in your state…….

It could be the most important call you make….

MENTAL NOTES 0431 056 488 and KAI MORRIS 0467 544 980.

Sports Doctor

QJA Racing QLD and the employ Dr Peter Myers as the jockeys medical Liaison offcier. Dr Myers will mediate between the patient and the doctors and will ensure all jockeys are sent the best specialist to ensure the speediest recovery……

To contact Dr Myers and Dr Friis initially contact Kevin Ring, AJA OH&S OFFICER, 0409 852 990