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The Australian Racing & Equine Academy is a strategic partnership between Racing NSW and TAFE NSW Western Sydney Institute.

Objectives of the Partnership are:

  • Assist people entering the industry to find their most suitable career path
  • To increase apprentice jockey and trackwork rider numbers
  • To deliver training to industry participants
  • Manage the Racing NSW Apprentice School
  • Manage the Racing NSW Rising Star Apprentice Race Series
  • Encourage greater participation of people in the racing industry
  • Provide ongoing industry credible mentoring to apprentice jockeys, trackwork riders, strappers and stablehand trainees
  • Ensure participants are informed about the National Racing Industry Training Package, which has been implemented in each state in Australia
  • Provide equitable training throughout the country, provincial and metropolitan regions.
  • Formulate a strategic approach to promote Racing NSW Apprentice School and industry career paths to school students
  • Provide world class training and assessment services across a range of equine career areas

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Health and Safety

Health and safety to a jockey is paramount. Please click here for further information regarding health and safety in NSW or contact Kevin Ring, AJA OH&S Officer on 0409 852 990.


Interstate Licensing Forms

With the change to the Catastrophic Insurance Policy in NSW it is now required for every jockey prior to riding in NSW to sign the Deed Poll - Release and Waiver form attached to the new license.

All Jockeys currently licensed interstate will be required to register as a Jockey with Racing NSW before riding in NSW.

Please note when completing the application it is important that your signing of the form is witnessed and such witness writes their name clearly and signs the form as confirmation of this process. Please note: FORMS THAT ARE RECEIVED THAT HAVE NOT BEEN SIGNED BY THE APPLICANT AND THE WITNESS, WILL NOT BE PROCESSED AND WILL HAVE TO BE RETURNED TO THE APPLICANT.

You can download the relevant licensing forms here (Licensing and Betting - Racing New South Wales (