NSWJA September Newsletter

Following the Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 29th August, the following committee was elected for 2017/2018

President Kerrin McEvoy
Metropolitan Tye Angland
Metropolitan Brenton Avdulla
Metropolitan Hugh Bowman
Provincial Grant Buckley
Provincial Andrew Gibbons
Southern Districts Brad Clark
South East Adrian Layt
Central & West Tiffany Jeffries
Hunter/North West Leanne Henry
Mid North Coast Peter Graham
Northern Rivers Matthew Paget
Welfare Officer Neil Paine

Legal Advisor Bob Whyburn


Paul Innes OAM has resigned from his role as NSWJA Secretary, a position he has held for 20 years. Paul has worked tirelessly for the betterment of jockeys and there have been some wonderful achievements. You will all agree that jockeys are far better off today than even 10 years ago.

Obtaining the 1% for jockey welfare and obtaining Superannuation Guarantee on all riding and trial fees are just two of Paul legacies.

Paul will continue with his role as CEO of the Australian Jockeys Association and Chairman of the National Jockeys Trust.

Tony Crisafi has been appointed by the committee as the new Secretary of the NSW Jockeys Association and Tony hopes to carry on Paul’s great work.

Tony will work closely with, and for the committee and all jockeys throughout NSW.


We have good news regarding both the Inglis & Magic Millions breeze up sales.
Inglis & Magic Millions have reached an agreement with Racing NSW to have the workers compensation included in these “races”.
This will extend to all riders and trackwork riders. The MM Breeze Ups will be held at Warwick Farm on Friday 22nd Sept


We are pleased to advise that following submissions by the NSW Jockeys Association to Racing NSW, the following fee increases will take place from 1 September 2017
i. $200 per ride in NSW, an increase of $13.00. ii. Barrier Trials are $70.00

iii. Barrier Trials after the last race are now $100

iv. Superannuation Guarantee
In 2014 the Tax Office determined that jockeys should be receiving Superannuation of 9.5% ON TOP of your riding/trial fee
Therefore you are now receiving $19.00 of Superannuation on every ride i.e a total benefit of $219 per ride.


Racing NSW and the ATC are very keen to operate drones on race days, as they pursue the promotion of racing with better/new footage of races.
The first drone testing will take place during barrier trials on Tuesday 19th September at Rosehill.
Should any jockey have a concern with the manoeuvring of these drones during trails/races please contact Tony.


Chad Lever fell at Scone on 8th August and he was immediately diagnosed as in a very critical condition. Chad has since made an amazing improvement and will hopefully return to riding in early 2018.
The purpose for this report on Chad is that at Scone on that day there were two paramedics. Fortunately one of the two was an intensive care paramedic who was able to administer a drug called “Ketamine”.
This drug cannot be administered by normal paramedics. Ketamine “may” have made a considerable difference to the outcome of Chad.
The Jockeys Association immediately notified Racing NSW that we strongly believe all race meetings should have one intensive care paramedic (ICP) on duty.
However, the NSWJA discussed the topic with a few rural paramedics (and the NSW Paramedics Association) since the AGM, and unfortunately most NSW country towns do not have an intensive care paramedic, therefore having an ICP at every meeting is not an option.
The paramedics assured me that jockeys will receive the highest care possible and are in extremely good hands, with similar drugs available.
The NSWJA will write to the NSW Paramedic Association requesting that certain paramedics be allowed to administer Ketamine.
However, this decision is one for NSW Health Department, and legislation needs to pass for this to take place.


The NSW Government Workers Compensation has a maximum payment of $2084 per week, which jockeys are entitled to.
The Gow Gates Top-Up insurance is a maximum of $500 per week
Therefore the maximum payment is $2584 per week before tax.
For those jockeys fortunate to be earning more than $2584 p/w, I would strongly suggest you think about extra cover. Gow Gates offers an extra $1000 per week, with the rates differing depending on your age.
If you want the Gow Gates document outlining the costs, please text/email Tony (details below).
The best person to contact at Gow Gates is Chris Keeping, and you can contact Chris on 0428 187 170 or 02 8762 9915.


The stewards have asked that jockeys remain seated when you have moved into the barriers, UNLESS there is a safety concern.
We have been notified that starters will be more vigilant in monitoring jockeys relieving weight. Your cooperation with this will help prevent any “rule” being introduced by stewards.
The stewards are mindful of the different conditions around the state, in particular barriers with little or no padding, and race meetings with an inadequate number of accredited barrier attendants.
The bottom line is that if you believe your horse is fractious and there is a safety concern, then hop straight off! RACE ABANDONMENT
The false start rules remain the same; however, following the fiasco of the Sydney Cup, stewards have implemented a policy to abandon a race (mainly when you go past the post twice in distance races).
Stewards will be waving white flags to alert jockeys that the race has been abandoned and there is potentially a dangerous situation ahead.


Stewards have approved the NSWJA request that jockeys be allowed IPADS in the jockey’s room for a trial period.
The trial will be predominately Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays in the metropolitan area, allowing jockeys to view form.
The IPADs will be programmed to only access the Racing NSW website plus one or two others as agreed by the stewards.
Should the experiment be successful, we will explore rolling the service throughout NSW.


It was agreed at the NSWJA General Meeting that picnic riders be accepted as “associate members” of the Association.
Administratively, there is a bit involved in the process but it has begun.
Should you have any questions regarding the above, please call Tony anytime (details below)


Most jockeys would agree that the padded whip rules we presently have in Australia are fair and just in today’s world, particularly compared to other racing jurisdictions.
Examples include; in the UK you can only use the whip a total of 7 times; in France only 6 times and in Germany only 5 times throughout a race. Significant fines are enforced if you go one or two over!
In Australia, the current rules allow the use the whip 5 times nonconsecutively before the 100m, and every stride from the 100m to the winning post.
Should a jockey use the whip a couple of extra times before the 100m you CANNOT then use the whip every stride from the 100m to the post.
If you repeatedly breach the rule, you will be fined then suspended, worse still is that you potentially jeopardise the current workable and effective whip rule for every Australian jockey!
Furthermore, please remember that if your horse is out of contention, please put the whip away!

Kind Regards

Tony Crisafi Secretary NSW Jockeys Association

M. 0430 211 098 E. tony@njt.org.au F. 9894714