NSWJA April 2019 Newsletter


LUCRF Super have decided NOT to continue with their sponsorship with the Australian Jockeys Association & National Jockeys Trust.

One of the reasons was that they were asked questions about the relationship at the recent Banking Royal Commission.

LUCRF management were happy with the sponsorship but the LUCRF Board decided not to continue.

We are looking for a new sponsor to begin in September 2019

Until then it’s business as usual.


The Australian Jockeys Association has appointed a new CEO to replace Paul Innes who retired on 31st March.

Martin Talty is based in Victoria and from 2016 to 2018 was Racing Victoria’s Racing Manager.

Before that Martin was heavily involved with the setting up of operations in Dubai. Martin spent 13 years in Dubai principally as the International Racing Manager.

In time I will introduce Martin to all NSW jockeys


Many of our jockeys who appeal utilise the legal services of Paul O’Sullivan or Wayne Pasterfield to represent them.

Most NSW jockeys, particularly the provincial and country jockeys cannot afford the fees.

These same jockeys would like to appeal but do not have the confidence to stand up before the appeals panel and state their case. They feel overwhelmed and overawed by the experience

The combination of the costs and daunting experience prevents a legitimate appeal occurring.

Racing NSW have accepted our request for the CEO of the NSW Jockeys Association be allowed to represent jockeys at appeals. The Principal Member of the Appeals Panel, Richard Beasley SC was supportive of the application.

The local rule has been amended and this commences immediately


Sadly Bob Whyburn is not in good health and will not be returning as Manager of the National Jockeys Trust. Bob is with the best doctors and we with him a full recovery.

Paul Innes has replaced Bob as Manager of the NJT and he will be assisted by Sophie Mifsud and Debra Price.


On 10th March five jockeys fell during a race at Tamworth.

I was instantly onto the next Of kin and the jockeys themselves, putting them in touch with Dr Duckworth.

Fortunately Dr David Duckworth was available on that Sunday and fielded calls into the evening.

He managed to get the best treatment for all jockeys who are now slowly on the improve.

All the workers compensation payments were rushed through and all will be receiving the Top Up payment from Gow Gates/QBE


I know 80% of next of kin (NOK) details and I know how to obtain another 15% but it was clear following the Tamworth incident that I (NSWJA) should have access to NOK details.

As an example, in the initial instance I was dealing with a girlfriend who initially took my call but I should have been dealing with the jockeys mum, who was the NOK

Another jockey rang me from hospital, and passed on the information.

As it turns out everything went like clockwork for their treatment but I have asked Peter V’Landys to include an option on your licence to include the NSWJA to be granted access to NOK details (if you tick that box)


The NSWJA have asked Racing NSW to facilitate a scheme for jockeys to put $10, $20 or more away from each ride. This is a means of force saving and is available for you to withdrawal at anytime.

Victoria have a similar scheme with 95% of their jockeys using the scheme.

Racing NSW have agreed in principle and we are awaiting a meeting with them to discuss further.

As an example, if you decide to put $20 a ride into the scheme, and you have 500 rides between now and Christmas, you’ll have $10,000 sitting in the account which is your money and easily able to access for Christmas presents, holidays etc.


The NSW Jockeys Association had an excellent meeting with Marc Van Gestel to discuss the Careless Riding Penalty Template.

The current template was formulated and agreed upon by the NSW Jockeys Association and Racing NSW in 2006, however, for a number of reasons the template is in urgent need of modification.

Marc has agreed with a number of the proposals put forward, and we are currently in discussion with one final matter. Once agreed I will advise all jockeys of the changes.


Mel Bolwell – April 2017 - Mel is making slow but encouraging progress. She is riding trackwork work at Tamworth and is hoping to return to riding at some time.

Nyssa Burrells – December 2017 – Nyssa is close to resuming riding over the next month or two.

Lexi McPherson – September 2018 – Lexi has had complications with her operation on her leg, and will need further surgery. Not sure when Lexi will return at this stage. While out injured Lexi has decided to study a travel course, which she is loving.

Jeff Penza – October 2018 – Jeff sees the specialists in late May and is hopeful of returning to race riding in June or July

Heni Ede – November 2018 – Heni’s progress has been slower than expected and she has further specialists appointments next month. Not sure when Heni will resume riding at this stage.

Josh Adams – February 2019 – Josh is in the early stages of recovering from a leg injury. He is still unable to bare weight on one leg. He will be sidelined for a number of months.

Kath Bell-Pitomac – February 2019 – Kath is still seeing specialists and has been advised to rest for a few more weeks. Not sure when Kath will return at this stage.

Rachel King – Feb 2019 – Rachel’s injury is healing well and Rachel should return to riding in a few weeks.

Wendy Peel – February 2019 – Wendy’s injury is also healing well and Wendy should return to riding in May or June.

Katelyn Jenkinson – Had surgery on an injured finger, it is not certain when Katelyn will return to riding.

Tye Angland – Tye continues to be in good spirits, both Tye and wife Erin thank the “jockey family” for their ongoing support.


Jump-outs means a trial starting from the barrier stalls, it must be no longer than 800m and the jump-out must have no more than 6 starters.

Riders in the jump-outs must be either: jockeys; apprentices; approved riders; & stablehand/riders.

Ambulances are optional

The jump-outs are organised, supervised and controlled by the race club