If You Have a Fall

Workers Compensation

Notification of injury should be given as soon as possible to the race club secretary and to TRNT.

Claim forms can be downloaded from the TRNT website. In the event of serious injury notification and lodgement of claims might be made by others on the injured jockey’s behalf.

Upon receipt of a claim, a case manager will be allocated to your claim who will contact you within 3 business days to discuss the matter, request any further necessary information and explain the claims and injury management process to you.

Please contact ANDREW O’ TOOLE for further enquiries 08 8944 7533

Top Up Form

Attached is the claim form for the AJA Personal Accident Cover, which tops up your Workers’ Compensation for what Workers Compensation doesn’t pay, up to $500 plus any extra cover you have. Please Make sure you attach a copy of all Workers Compensation Doctor’s Medical Certificates and send ongoing Certificates. Make sure your doctor puts all details such as diagnosis and cause of injury, dates of incapacitation clearly stating the start and end date. Download the Top up form.

Send to:



GPO BOX 4731


Email: ckeeping@gowgates.com.au

Fax: 0282679998

If you require assistance phone:

Chris Keeping 02 827679915

Career Ending Fall Procedure

If you have had a career ending fall you will need to notify your clubs secretary, your employer and TRNT.

Please also Contact Kevin Ring 0409 852 990 for any extra advice or assistance.